Exploring The Benefits Of Hdpe Pipe As The Industry Evolves

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Exploring the benefits of HDPE pipe as the industry evolves

Update time : 2021-10-11

Education is key to choosing a high-quality, cost-effective, long-lasting material for infrastructure piping systems. Moving beyond convention to take advantage of more innovative options can translate to significant benefits for contractors and project owners alike.
One solution worth considering is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a flexible plastic material valued for its durability, versatility and longevity. Designed with sustainability and resiliency in mind, HDPE pipe is lauded by industry professionals worldwide for its corrosion and chemical resistance, weatherability, low maintenance, ease of installation and eco-friendliness.

exploring the  benefits of  hdpe pipe as the industry evolves

HDPE pipe is utilized in a variety of sectors, including municipal, industrial, marine, mining and agricultural. In the U.S., it is most commonly used for conduits to transport natural gas, chemicals and potable water. However, a growing awareness of the product’s unique capabilities is gaining momentum in other national markets.
“In large-diameter pipe applications, such as highway construction and storm water/wastewater management, HDPE is becoming a go-to solution in many regions because it is proven to outperform traditional materials such as concrete, fiberglass and corrugated metal,” said Iris Jancik, vice president of business development and sales at Plasson USA, a subsidiary of Plasson Group. “The value-engineering advantages of HDPE pipe just make sense in today’s construction world.”

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